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Education Last Updated: Apr 15th, 2012 - 13:09:54

Good News
By imran kara
Apr 15, 2012, 12:39

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We are happy to announce to all Nani Narolians and nearby villagers that government has granted permission to run standard 11 from June 2012 in our Nani Naroli Welfare High School.

Standard 11 is likely to have 75 students. We have 452 students studying in standard 8 to 10 and 486 students studying in Primary(standard 1 to 7) School. Thus total number of student will increase to 1013 from 938.

At present we have 255 benches available which can accommodate 765 students and we are in need of minimum of 80 benches to accommodate 250 students. Each bench costs about 2750 (INR).

Itís a request to our well wishers to make DUA for societyís welfare and a request to give their share to facilitate studentís accommodation!

For more details contact society office on 02629 261010 or Mr. M.S.Kara on 09978330230.

Thank You for your well wishes!



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