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Our schools History
Aug 28, 2008, 21:17

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Primary school
High school

125 Million children around the world do not have the chance to go to schools.

80 Millions of these children are girls.

There are 900 million illiterate adults worldwide, and most of these are women.

Education is the key to development and prosperity. It strengthens individuals, families and communities.


The  High School  was built in 1991 - Primary School  built in 2005. 

the year 1983 we got permission for Government granted High School.
Class VIII Started in 1  room of our Jamia Masjid opposite Building.
Next year Class VIII & IX shifted to another location at late Hajee
Yusuf Musaji Limbadaís property. In 1988 High School classes had to
move to Dayabhai Ahirís building till 1991, finally we moved to our
present High School building.

was not until 1987 when our first S.S.C. batch appeared in exams -
myself  (Yusuf Bhorat) and Ebrahim I.Badat started marathon of
collection for our present High School building:-

I would like to thank quite a few well wishers:-  Maulana Idris Patel,
Late Moosabhai Irani, Late Yacoob Suleman Limbada, Late Jibhai
(Ebrahim) Mulla and Mr Chhota Badat who supported us not only
financially but also giving their valuable time to take us round to
their contacts. The collection for a High School was a difficult task.
We went round in London from Monday to Thursday without much success.
Late Ismail Seedat was also with us. It was Friday morning, we were
sitting in Jibhai Mullaís house at 103 Plashet Road, Upton Park
somebody got an idea to distribute leaflets  at Regent Park Mosque
after Jumma Salah if Allah wishes we might find a donor from Arab
Sheikh.  Jibai took us round to get leaflet printed in English and
Arabic within no time. We reached to Regentís Park Mosque in good time
and distributed our leaflets. I remember Ebrahimbhai said: ď I liked
this type of begging.Ē  We were not so lucky to get response. I also
remember   Mr. Ismail Mulla (my Brotherís daughter Dr.Rubana Bhoratís
husband) who took me round to his contacts in Dublin one week end.

should not forget my Masibhai late Mr.Abdul Haq Jassat who invited me
to South Africa. I went there in 1988/90/94/97. Apart from his illness
of Parkinson deases he and late Ahmed Yusuf Mulla (Hafejee) took me
round in Transvaal and Natal. Also thanks to Late Maulana Gora
(Mohamed) Bhorat and Abdur Rehman Vadia of Stanger, Dr. Ebrahim Vahed
and Mehmood Ameen of Newcastle, Fazlull Jabbar Peer of Dundee,

Kadwa of Umzinto and Farooq Chohan of Welcom for their support.  I was
accompanied Mr.yacoob Patel of Tayyabah Bakery on my last trip.

I  also  remember Mr.Kassim Ahmedjee, Mohamedali Hanslod, Ebrahim
Motala and late Yakub Ahmed Limbada in Zambia, Lusaka for their
support. Make dooa for Marhoomis ( may the Almighty grant Marhoomin
Janatul Firdos ).

were lucky to hold 49th Annual Conference of THE SURTI SUNNI VOHRA
MUSLIM EDUCATION SOCIETY   on 13th March 1997 in our High School. Among
the large gathering of 2000 people our community leaders discussed the
lack of higher education in our children and came to conclusion - that
government primary schoolís poor education record was the main
problem.  We need to have our private Primary Schools.

Mr. M S Kara, President of Welfare Committee came to UK in 2003. (to be continued)


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