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Village history
Aug 26, 2008, 14:27

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Nani Naroli is a small village in Gujarat State of India. It is located in district Surat near Mangrol. The village population is 7000. . Nani Naroli is spread into 1795-49-48 hectares land.

National Highway No.8 falls at Kim Char Rasta just 15 km from village. Nearest Railway Station is Kim. Distance between Nani Naroli and Kim is 19 km. Railway is well connected by major cities like Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Nearest major city is Surat. Distance between village and Surat is 45 km. People goes to Surat for shopping and medical treatment.

Most of the people used to do farming up to late 1980's . Nearly every house owned either a buffalo or a horse and anything up to 25 pairs of bulls. They used to cultivate cotton, rice, wheat, juwar tuwer (lentil) tal (sesame), mung(mung lentil), chana (gram lentil) and much of the food and vegetables and fruits required by household.

Then came Industrial revolution in surrounding area and Lignite power project near our village. The price of land shoot up. Due to farm labour shortage it became very difficult for a small farmer to do farming. Small farmers stopped farming and let their land to larger farmers.

Most of the houses in the village were mud houses except eight to ten buildings made from bricks. There was no electricity till mid 1960’s. The road between Mangrol and Tadkeshwar was made from stone upto 1970.Bus service (1) Mangrol to Surat and (2) Mangrol to Navsari used to run at 6-7 a.m. returning in the evening 6-7 p.m.

 There was no water supply to homes up to 1963. Water works was built in 1963 with the help of Late Yusuf Moosaji Limbada (passed away in 1977 in Lilongwe, Malawi at the age of 70) and late Mohamed Dawji Badat (passed away in 1998 in Peter Meritzburg, S.Africa at the age of 83).

Ladies used to fetch drinking water from a well (Mota Kuwa) in pots on their heads. Water from lake (Talao) was used as drinking water for animals, for washing clothes and for household use.

Before independance (1947) our Taluka Mangrol was under Gaikuwad (Sarkar) Govt. and Mandvi Taluka was under British. During the second World War 1939-45 there were restrictions of moving certain commodities like Rice, Wheat, Sugar, etc.from one Taluka to another. We had Police Choki (station) near Gujarati School and 3-4 police used to be stationed full time.

Gaikuwad Sarkar built Gujarati Schools in all the big villages under his control in late 1930’s. Our Gujarati School was built at that time. Before teaching was done in the mud houses.

Our Old Maktab Madres-e Targibul Quran was built in 1938 by the side of Jamia Mosque. Late Kasim Suleman Bhorat(Passed away in 1940 -age 60) and late Husein Ahmed Hafejee (Passed away in 1949 - age 70)travelled to South Africa for collection. Travelling to South Africa by Ship S.S.  KARANJA"  and S.S."KAMPALA" used to take one month at that time. People travelled for Haj (Bombay-Jeddah 8 days) and other part of the world by ship up to early 1960.

 The first English teaching A.V. School in our village was run by returning villegers M/s. E.E.PATEL Bros. who emigrated to Burma. This was taught in a building known as Mehfil between 1945 to 1950. This building was demolished and replaced with present Madressa (Maktab) built in 1993. Late Gulamhusein Varachia and late Ahmed Suleman Limbada was main persons in management committee in the village.(to be continued)


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